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                  Food Machinery

                  Stolle Food Machinery
                  Stolle PRC WeightControl Fillers have a long reputation for quality and reliability with food and pet food companies around the world. ?
                  Stolle PRC Fillers

                  Stolle PRC Fillers

                  Widely regarded as the most accurate filling machines available, Stolle PRC WeightControl Fillers offer accuracies equal to ±? to 1%, even on difficult to fill products, which reduces wasted product due to overfilling and eliminates rejects due to underfilling.? These machines feature?a simple rotary design and few moving parts for low maintenance, and are ruggedly constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials to withstand daily cleansing. ?Talk to us about your unique can and carton filling requirements, as well as OEM spares for all PRC food machines.

                  Chris Zagrodnichek

                  Primary Product Contact

                  +1 303-708-5085

                  Tom Beebe

                  Secondary Product Contact

                  +1 303-708-5141

                  Mike Fitzgerald

                  Spare Parts

                  +1 303-708-5168

                  Scott Davis

                  Field Service

                  +1 303-708-5134 Office

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