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                  Global Parts & Service

                  Global Parts & Service

                  What you need...when and where you need it

                  Machinist at Mazak
                  Shanghai Warehouse
                  Service Tech

                  Extending Service Life

                  Stolle is your full service partner with Spares, Service, and Support. ?Our quality OEM spare parts are made in our own machining centers or by trusted suppliers, and are the same parts used in the original assembly of your machines. ?Stolle has a global network of stocked warehouses to get these quality OEM parts to you faster and more economically than ever before.

                  And with expanded service centers around the globe, our technical teams offer responsive service with reduced travel times and fewer language barriers. ?Stolle customers have access to an exhaustive parts inventory, highly trained field technicians and rapid response teams, the latest technology and full engineering support – all strategically located to help maximize your profit and reduce downtime.

                  Tech with wrench

                  Rebuilding Services

                  Stolle can bring new life to die sets and machinery with our comprehensive rebuilding services. ?All dies are rebuilt with OEM Stolle parts to ensure compatibility and accuracy. ?Our Canton and European facilities have high precision SIP machining centers for machining die shoes to the original specifications. ?We also rebuild complete Stolle-built machines, as well as presses for cupping, shell and conversion systems with OEM parts and technicians. ?Since we rebuild die sets and machines at our nearest global facility to you, shipping costs are lowered while still maintaining Stolle quality and attention to detail.

                  SIP Machine
                  Our Canton and European facilities have high precision SIP machining centers for machining die shoes to the original specifications.
                  Rebuild die

                  A Partial Listing of our

                  Global Rebuild Capabilities


                  • Standun and Ragsdale Bodymakers
                  • Concord and Rutherford Decorators and Basecoaters
                  • Concord and Rutherford Inkers
                  • Inside Spray Machines
                  • Reynolds and Alcoa (Randolph) Can Body Light Testers
                  • PRC Fillers and other food equipment


                  • Cupping & Draw-Redraw die sets
                  • Wide and narrow shell die sets
                  • Cupping & Draw-Redraw presses


                  • Beverage & Food EOE Conversion Presses and die sets
                  • VHSL and HSL Compound End Liners

                  Stolle Europe

                  • Cupping die sets
                  • Bodymakers
                  • Trimmers
                  • Decorators
                  • Inside Spray Machines
                  • Light Testers
                  transparent globe

                  Stolle Brazil

                  • Standun and Ragsdale Bodymakers
                  • Rutherford Decorators, Inkers and OV units
                  • Cupping Systems and die sets
                  • Shell Systems – including wide and narrow shell dies?
                  • EOE Conversion Systems, including lane dies and tab dies
                  • Inside Spray Machines
                  • Compound End Liners?
                  • Reynolds and Alcoa (Randolph) Light Testers
                  • Controls & electronics upgrades/updates (NR-12 Certified)
                  • Sencon Gauges – including calibration and?upgrades

                  Stolle Asia Pacific

                  • Ragsdale Bodymakers
                  • Inside Spray Machines
                  • Concord and Rutherford Decorators and Inkers
                  • Cupping Presses

                  Solutions for Every Situation

                  Pledging to help you get the most from every piece of Stolle equipment is a huge undertaking and requires a global company with the technology, experience and a proven track record of success that only a long history can provide. ?So whether your need is for:

                  • The most reliable, highest precision OEM replacement parts available for rapid delivery;
                  • Expert field technicians located throughout the world that are trained in every aspect of the assembly, maintenance and operation of our systems;
                  • System rebuilds, product or size changeovers, upgrades or overhauls;
                  • Line or individual machine assessments and evaluations;

                  …Stolle has the expertise, resources and ability to provide the solution that serves you the best.

                  tooling & tools
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