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                  Industry Leadership

                  Stolle Industry Leadership
                  Innovation Swoop

                  As our yellow “wave of innovation” has indicated for years, Stolle is committed to advancing metal packaging through “A constant flow of innovations, technology and ideas that benefit customers.” ?From some of the strongest and most metal-efficient tab designs available, to brilliant new equipment upgrades, to revolutionary new equipment poised to impact the next generation of can making, Stolle continues to make significant investments of personnel and funding to R&D in every area of can making.? Stolle’s global technical centers are dedicated facilities developing the advanced technology that future can makers will come to rely on while producing the new machinery features that today’s customers expect.

                  Recent Innovations

                  EO6 Conversion System

                  With 6 lanes of conversion and tab tooling, Stolle's new EO6 Conversion Sytem?can produce up to 5100 ends per minute – a 70% increase in volume over a 4-lane Tetrad system. The EO6 features a completely new 140-ton press that’s specifically designed for high speed EOE production with speeds up to an unprecedented 850 SPM. ?Stolle has incorporated many of the tooling and transfer system features we have perfected over many years of conversion system leadership, and has added a number of new technology features that take the EO6 system to new heights of productivity and efficiency. ?

                  More Information (PDF)? ? ? ? ? ? Watch Video

                  Stolle EO6 conversion system
                  Stolle EO6 conversion system


                  The Stolle Canceptor is a next generation bodymaker that includes many?time and maintenance-reducing features that increase?versatility and lower operating costs. Its variable stroke length capability cuts can height changeover time by up to 90%, making it the perfect choice?for canmakers who need to produce multiple can sizes on a?single can line. The Canceptor also features a one-piece cast frame, an integrated trimmer, and the latest controls, machine sensing and diagnostics.

                  More Information (PDF)

                  Stolle Canceptor bodymaker
                  Stolle Canceptor bodymaker


                  The new Stolle E-NCKR represents another milestone in Stolle’s complete line of value-added can production equipment. This modular machine is designed to neck 2-piece cans to accept a specified diameter end. In addition to necking, the machine can be equipped with modules to perform other processing functions on the cans, including flanging, base reforming and light testing. The Stolle E-NCKR can also be equipped with infeed and discharge vision inspection systems to perform 100% inspections of cans within the machine.

                  More Information (PDF)

                  Stolle E-NCKR
                  Stolle E-NCKR


                  The Stolle Inkjector automated fountain features?remotely servo-adjustable fountain keys?in place of?manual fountain keys. This provides the operator increased control of the ink application across the fountain roll on each ink station.? Production testing has shown reduced ink usage and improved label change times, as well reduced HFIs (hold for inspection), a major cause of lost production. The fountain key settings for each label can also be stored, further reducing decorator set-up time during label changes.

                  More Information (PDF)? ? ? ? ? ? ?Watch video

                  Stolle Inkjector automated fountain

                  Stolle R&D Technical Centers

                  Stolle Canton R&D room


                  Stolle is dedicated to continually advancing customer needs through innovation and technology, supplying?investments in?both resources and personnel. Specialized engineering staff work with experienced technicians in our R&D Technical Centers to try out new ideas and concepts and incorporate new technology and materials as they become commercially available.? Many times our teams start from scratch, developing equipment that simply doesn’t exist to fulfill industry needs for?function, speed and efficiency.? Stolle R&D Technical Centers allow us the flexibility to experiment and test new ideas as they are being developed.?

                  Stolle has technical centers located in several of our?assembly facilities around the globe and also work with a number of independent engineering firms for specialized assistance when practical.??

                  Engineer working with CS-3000
                  R&D Tech working on Canceptor
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