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                  Middle East

                  Stolle Middle East


                  Located in the heart of the burgeoning Middle Eastern markets, Stolle has a strong presence in this important region of the world.? Through our international agent Asibex and our Stolle Europe facilities, Stolle has provided solutions for canmakers on issues ranging from can design and equipment sales to complete line designs and installations.? Finding new and better ways to help the growing can making industry throughout this region is a primary focus of Stolle Machinery. ?We will continue to support development in the region in order to be able to provide the service and support expected of a major supplier.

                  Middle East Representative

                  62 Nables St. Jabal Al-Hussein
                  PO Box 922167
                  Amman 11192 Jordan
                  962 6 562 1936
                  +962 6 568 3377 Fax


                  Ahmed Talab - Sales Director
                  +962 79 556 6892 Mobile


                  Parts and Field Service

                  Stolle Europe
                  +44 (0)1228 818125

                  Stolle Centennial
                  +1 303 708 9044

                  Parts: Mike.Fitzgerald@stollemachinery.com
                  Service: Scott.Davis@stollemachinery.com

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