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                  North America

                  Stolle North America

                  Stolle is proud to be an American company with our headquarters and five major assembly and parts manufacturing facilities located in the USA.? Our corporate headquarters and flagship manufacturing plant is in Centennial, Colorado which is near Denver, the home of the modern 2-piece aluminum beverage can.? We also have 3 major plants centrally located in the Midwest in Ohio, the birthplace of the pop-top can end.? All of our North American manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 certified and utilize the latest production management systems to maximize each plant’s efficiency and cost effectiveness.

                  View Stolle Centennial video
                  View Stolle Ohio video
                  Canton Engineers
                  Centennial Engineering Department
                  Sidney Engineers
                  Assembly operations N. America
                  Stolle logo
                  A Wide Variety of Skill Sets

                  Above:? Stolle has a large staff of design, mechanical and electrical engineers through their North American facilities.??

                  Left:?? Assembly of our products takes place at Centennial, Colorado and Canton and Sidney, Ohio locations. ?Our expert technicians and product specialists also participate in Field Service.

                  Right:? Die sets for cupping, conversion and shell equipment is a large focus of our Ohio teams.??

                  Bottom:? Parts and sub-assemblies are made?at all three of our North American facilities.??

                  Die Operations - Ohio
                  Englewood CNC
                  Inker Rebuild

                  North America Facilities

                  Stolle Machinery Company LLC ? 6949 S. Potomac Street ? Centennial, CO 80112-4036
                  +1 303-708-9044 ? +1 303-708-9045 Fax ? sales@stollemachinery.com (general sales e-mail)

                  Stolle Canton ? 4337 Excel Street ? North?Canton, OH 44720-6995
                  +1 330-493-0444 ? +1 330-789-9300 Fax

                  Stolle Sidney ? 2900 Campbell Road ? Sidney, OH 45365-8865
                  +1 937-497-5400 ? +1 937-497-5458 Fax

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