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                  Stolle History

                  Stolle history timeline

                  Stolle Machinery has a rich history that can be traced back 150 years.? During this time, the companies that are part of Stolle today developed many of the technologies and processes that have become the standards of metal packaging around the world.? From major names in aluminum to small family-named machining companies, Stolle is proud to recognize our legacy companies, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of innovation and growth.


                  Fuchs & Lang is founded in New York City

                  Fuchs & Lang graphic


                  Fuchs and Lang begins building lithography machinery in East Rutherford, NJ which eventually becomes the Rutherford Machinery Division

                  Fuchs & Lang Co. masthead

                  Borden establishes a machine shop at their creamery in Norwich, NY

                  Borden Norwich NY


                  Fuchs & Lang builds the first rotary metal decorating press, and in 1911 they build the first four color tube printer - the predecessor of the modern can decorator

                  Fuchs and Lang rotary litho press


                  Borden machine shop moves to their Randolph, NY creamery - eventually becomes the Randolph Can Machinery operations

                  Borden Randolph NY facility

                  Fuchs & Lang is merged with other companies to become the General Printing Ink Co.



                  The first steel beer can is introduced by the Krueger Brewing Company

                  Krueger beer can


                  General Printing Ink Co. is renamed Sun Chemical Corporation

                  Sun Chemical


                  Aluminum beer cans (7 oz.) are introduced by the Coors Brewing Co.

                  Coors can


                  Ralph J. Stolle incorporates The Stolle Corporation in Sidney, OH

                  Ralph Stolle

                  Ermal ("Ernie") Fraze of Dayton, OH patents the "integral rivet" that makes ring pull ("pop top") beverage cans possible

                  Ernie Fraze and integral rivet patent

                  First pop-top beer can introduced by Iron City Brewing

                  Iron City beer can with first pop-top

                  First DWI ("Drawn While Ironed") aluminum beer cans (12 oz) are sold by Hamm's Brewery

                  Hamm's DWI beer can

                  Ragsdale Brothers Tool and Die established in Denver, CO

                  Ragsdale Brothers logo


                  The Stolle Corporation is acquired by ALCOA

                  ALCOA logo

                  "Ecology" easy-open end (stay-on tab) is introduced by Falls City Brewing?

                  Falls City beer can with stay-on tab

                  Ragsdale Brothers is acquired by Borden

                  Borden logo


                  Standun Metalforming Systems of Rancho Dominguez, CA is acquired by Sun Chemical Corp.

                  Stadun logo

                  Sun Chemical Corp. becomes Sequa Corporation

                  Sequa Corporation logo

                  ALCOA acquires Borden can machinery operations (Randolph) and establishes ALCOA PACKAGING MACHINERY (APM)

                  ALCOA logo


                  Can Industry Products in Canton, OH is acquired by Sequa Can Machinery

                  Can Industry Products logo


                  Reynolds Aluminum sells its can machinery operations to APM

                  Reynolds logo

                  FORMATEC Tooling Systems in Dayton, OH is sold to Sequa Can Machinery

                  Formatec logo

                  Redicon Corporation in Canton, OH is acquired by APM

                  Redicon logo

                  Preferred Machining Corp. in Englewood, CO is acquired by APM

                  Preferred Machining Corp. logo

                  ALCOA sells APM to holding company and management, company is renamed Stolle Machinery Company

                  Stolle Machinery Company logo

                  Sequa Can Machinery is acquired by Stolle Machinery Company

                  Sequa logo

                  Omnitech Intl. in Denver, CO is acquired by Stolle Machinery

                  Omnitech Intl. logo


                  Stolle acquires CCH Engineering in Carlisle, UK and creates Stolle U.K. as well as Stolle Global Systems

                  CCH Engineering logo

                  The Stolle Canton Machining Center is created from the assets of the Mercier Tool & Die Company

                  Mercier Tool & Die logo

                  The Stolle Dayton Machining Center is established with the acquisition of Ultra Punch of Dayton, Inc.

                  Ultra Punch of Dayton logo

                  Stolle establishes a facility in Shanghai, China and expands operations in Carlisle, UK and Ohio, USA

                  Earth from space

                  Stolle adds thermal products manufacturing facilities in the UK and Poland with the acquisition of EMS

                  EMS logo

                  Stolle Guangdong opens near Guangzhou, China to serve the expanding Chinese can industry

                  Stolle Guangdong

                  Can conveying systems are added to the Stolle product line with the acquisition of ECI Mechanical and Electrical Engineers in the UK

                  ECI logo

                  The acquisition of MBR Tool in Chicago further increases Stolle's precision machining capabilities to help ensure parts quality and timely delivery

                  MBR Tool logo


                  The Kettering Machining Center becomes Stolle's second parts manufacturing facility in the Dayton area with?the acquisition of Signature Tooling Inc.

                  Signature Tooling logo
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