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                  Stolle Precision Machining

                  Machining Centers

                  Securing Quality and Delivery...

                  A Stolle Machining Facility

                  ... for Your Parts...

                  Stolle Machining collage

                  ... Anywhere in?the World


                  • Stolle Precision Machining facilities owned and operated by Stolle
                  • Facilities located in North America, UK, China and Brazil
                  • No supply chain disruption
                  • Expertise in tool making?
                  • Extensive experience in cupping, shell, lane and tab die parts
                  • High precision - .0001 inch
                  • Polish to a 4 finish
                  • Best raw materials - including carbide
                  • QC from start to finish
                  • Laser etched parts for tracking/accountability
                  • Reduces machine build times - allows flexibility
                  • Same parts are used for spares and rebuilds


                  SIP machine at Stolle Europe
                  CNC with operator in Brazil
                  Stolle Precision Parts
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